Tailor Social Features

The Complete Social Media Management Tool


Discover Content Your Audience Will Love

Our content discovery feature finds awesome content that’s tailored to your industry and audience.
Each content suggestion is selected based on engagement, relevancy and freshness.
You will never have to worry about what to publish on you social channels again!

Select Topic Categories

When you first set-up your account you will be promoted to select topics related to your industry.

Choose Keywords for Each Topic

Once you select topics, you can then choose the keywords that your content suggestions will be based on.

Get Awesome Content Suggestions

Then sit back and relax and our content engine will search the web and find high-quality,
highly targeted, fresh content that your audience will love.


Create Beautiful Looking Posts

With our design feature, you can create, edit and design beautiful post images that will captivate your
audience and connect with them on an emotional level. Helping to increase engagement by shares,
likes and comments on your social posts.

Design The Text

Add the text that you want displayed on your image then choose the font style and color.


 Design The Background

Pick the background image and filter or choose a background color.

Your Social Post is Ready!

Once you add all the design elements you social post is ready for sharing with your audience.


No Need to be Tied to Your Computer

Our schedule feature enables you to manage your social media calendar and plan your posting schedule in advance.
You can add your own content or our recommended posts to your calendar with the click of a button.

Choose the Content You Want to Schedule

Choose the content you want to add to your schedule you can select our suggested content, or you can add your own such as blog posts or images.

Add commentary to your post and schedule

Once you select the posts you want to publish you can then add commentary and schedule them to you social media calendar.

Your posts are scheduled and set on auto pilot

After you add commentary and schedule Tailor Social takes care of the rest, your posts will publish on on autopilot, freeing you up to focus on other areas of your business.


Do More of What Works

Measuring the performance of your social posts is key to successful social media marketing.
With our intuitive, simple but powerful analytics feature you can see which post types and content perform best
with your audience enabling you to hone your social strategy and do more of what works.

See an overview of your social performance

From the overview screen, you can get a high-level view of your social channels, engagement and performance.

Get detailed engagement metrics

Here you can see how people are engaging with your content. You can see a breakdown of engagement by time, days of the week and post types.

See how individual posts perform

Drill-down in to the analytics of your social posts to help you understand which content topics and messages resonate with your audience.

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